*Mistakes r not a crime. if u can rectify those mistakes they r the key to success for

eg;  god created me. So what then he rectified his mistake by creating you!


*Mr.inside when to see Mr. outside. Inside standing outside called outside outside,

but outside sitting inside called inside inside .When inside came inside outside.

went outside 2c inside then outside called.


*Never search your happiness in other which will make you to fell ALONE .

but search it in your self you will feel happy even you ore left ALONE GOOD NIGHT.


*A simle can open a heart faster than a key can open a door.

simles are free don’t save them!Bright ten the world ur simle.Kep smiling


*A big pot full of water can be emptied by a small hole .

Even a little anger or ego will burn up all the nobility of a good heart… so stay cool god night.


*Every wife is having their husband photo in their purse why?

To consale herself that nothing in this world is difficult than this.


*Deley is the enenmy of efficiency and waiting is the enenmy of utilization so… don’t

Deley anything & don’t wait for anything just go on…



*Every failure is a lesson earn well.

Every success is a battle – fight well


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  1. V. RAJINI KANTH said,

    நவம்பர் 23, 2009 இல் 6:57 பிப

    Realy i liked it thanks for the life boost

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